Where can I get an LTL freight quote?

If you are looking for LTL freight quotes there are a lot of options out there. Some might be more obvious than others. In this article we will cover the 3 most common places LTL freight shippers can find LTL freight quotes. Each of this locations has it’s pro’s and con’s. Our hope is that this after reading you will have a better understanding of your options and can find the freight quotes you need to be successful.

LTL freight quotes from carriers.

The most obvious place many shippers go for their LTL freight quotes is direct to LTL carriers. Carriers direct quotes are good. When you get a quote directly from a carrier, make sure to get a copy of the quote via email. You will often have to reference the quote number on your bill of lading. If you don’t do this, the carrier may not apply your quote correctly or honor the rate. Also, pay attention to the expiration date of the quote. Many carriers offer a “standard discount” but if you have significant volume larger discounts can be achieved.

LTL freight quote calculator websites.

A great place to get great LTL freight quotes is from large LTL freight brokers that have online systems or freight quote calculators. (Full disclosure, we fall into this category.) These brokers have contracts with many (50 to 100) LTL carriers. Customers engage with these brokers their online websites. The websites work a lot like travel auction websites (expedia, priceline, etc.) but for freight shipping. The idea is you enter your shipment details into their online freight calculator tool and carriers bid on your load. LTL brokers are a valuable resource to many shippers because they offer a single point of contact to hundreds of carriers, offering discounts the shippers wouldn’t be able to get on their own. Aso, these websites will create your bill of lading for you and have various features that make the shipping process easier.

LTL quotes from freight brokers.

Ok, so isn’t this the same thing as the previous section? Not exactly. All LTL brokers are freight brokers but not all freight brokers specialize in LTL freight. Many freight brokers specialize in full truckload freight brokerage. They may have accounts with one or two LTL carriers to meet the needs of customers with one off shipments. Since LTL is not their primary line of business, these freight brokers will not have fancy online sites or as many options as a specialized LTL freight broker. Some freight brokers may also offer you an LTL quote that is really a partial truckload.

LTL freight quotes from BAM Freight

BAM Freight is an authorized agent for Globaltranz Enterprises, one of the largest LTL brokers in the nation. Together with Globaltranz we can provide you with excellent LTL and full truckload rates in the US. Canada and Mexico. Our customers request quotes by emailing rate@bamfreight.com or via our website www.carrierrate.com. If you are looking for a quote now, we’d love the chance to earn your business! Not only can we help with you freight quote but we can help with determining your freight class as well.

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