What is a drop location in LTL shipping?

A drop location is a location where the carrier and facility have come to an agreement that the carrier would stage equipment at their facility for loading and/or unloading.

Here is an example of a drop trailer scenario at a warheouse in Louisville, KY.

The LTL carrier picks up freight all over the country via their hub and spoke networkdelivering inbound to the same warehouse in Louisville, KY. Instead of making partial deliveries daily to the warehouse, the carrier will hold the freight and deliver to the consignee full trailers as needed with a minimum of one stop per week. The consignee will unload the trailers at their convenience and sometimes reload the trailers with outbound shipments from their facility trying to match up full outbound trailers with the carriers inbound drop. This arrangement is more efficient and cost effective for both the carrier and customer or facility.

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