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LTL Freight

What is a TMS for freight shipping?

Looking to organize your transportation? Then you probably need a good TMS (Transportation Management System). A TMS is used by shippers to manage shipments. It usually works in conjunction with the system you use to generate orders and the one that you use to manage and fulfill those orders or keep your inventory. Smiling warehouse…
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What to consider when requesting an LTL freight quote?

Type of LTL carrier Not all LTL freight carriers are the same. Often we see shippers get frustrated with a carrier when the reality is the carrier is performing as expected. With a good understanding of the types of carriers out there you can ensure you select the right carrier for the shipment at hand.…
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Why am I getting a rebill when I got a freight quote?

You ever accidentally mistake salt for sugar? It’s an unpleasant surprise for sure. Rebills are a lot like that. Unfortunately they are part of LTL freight shipping. There are several different reasons rebills happen. In this article we will discuss the more common reasons you might get charged differently then what was on your freight…
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Most common mistakes in LTL freight shipping?

So, let me tell you about the time I had to fire my wife. Early on in the life of my small business my wife was helping me out. She had a big heart with a small amount of experience. She was running a freight quote and selected the wrong freight class. This turned out…
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Where can I get an LTL freight quote?

If you are looking for LTL freight quotes there are a lot of options out there. Some might be more obvious than others. In this article we will cover the 3 most common places LTL freight shippers can find LTL freight quotes. Each of this locations has it’s pro’s and con’s. Our hope is that…
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What documentation is part of my LTL freight shipment?

Documentation is one of the most important aspects of freight shipping. It clarifies exceptions, gives direction and tells the story of what happened. In this article we discuss the primary pieces of documentation produced for a typical freight shipment. Freight Quote A freight quote is where all freight shipments start off. The freight quote is…
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What is a Limited Access Charge in LTL freight?

If you have received an adjusted invoice this is called a “rebill” in the LTL world. Rebills can be terribly frustrating. Especially when the freight quote you received from the LTL carrier was part of a larger cost structure that can’t be passed on somewhere. At BAM Freight we move several million dollars worth of…
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How does density impact your LTL freight quotes?

Scientists… earmuffs. I am not gonna explain density in scientific terms. If you are looking for that, I’m not your guy. I’m gonna tell you what density is in shippin’ terms. In the shipping business, especially LTL shipping, density is a big part about how pricing is determined. It is one of the major factors…
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6 common services that result in accessorial charges on LTL freight quotes.

Not all facilities are the same in the shipping business. Most LTL carriers offer these services at an extra charge. Here is a list of the most common ones. Limited Access This service is for the use of locations tight on space that require a small truck to get into a shipper or consignee that…
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How to determine my freight class?

If you are shipping LTL freight knowing your freight class is important. Most common carrier LTL freight companies is the National Motor Freight Classification system to categorize freight being shipped for pricing purposes. The class system groups commodities based on 4 characteristics: liability, handling, stowability and often most importantly density. There are 18 different groups…
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