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LTL Freight

Top 5 questions to ask BEFORE you get an LTL freight quote

Time and time again we meet LTL freight shippers that are frustrated due to changes to their quoted amount after the shipment delivered. In the LTL world these are called rebills. The best way to avoid a rebill is to have accurate information up front. We find that most rebills can be avoided by asking…
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5 Steps to take before filing an LTL freight claim

When you experience damage/loss on a shipment, the main thought that may come to mind is, “It’s time to submit a claim!” The typical mindset is “Just get the claim going as fast as possible!” which often times results in the opposite of the desired effect (The desired effect being a fast and positive resolution.)…
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What is the difference between LTL and Full Truckload freight shipping?

From a broad standpoint ground transportation in the United States can be divided into two categories: LTL Freight and Truckload Freight. Each of these refers to the amount of freight shipped or the amount of space you purchase on the truck. In this article we will define the differences between both and discuss some other…
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What information is needed for an LTL freight quote?

Regardless of who you call, you will always need the same basic pieces of information to obtain an LTL freight quote. An LTL freight quote is only as accurate as the information used to obtain it. In this article we will discuss things you should consider as you gather your information so that you can…
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Tips for staging your residential LTL shipment

Tip 1: First you want to make sure your shipment is on a pallet Wood pallets are good but heavy duty plastic pallets are better. The reason is they are 4 way entry with no bottom layer. On a standard pallet there is a bottom layer of wood, which isn’t an issue when the shipment…
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How to make sure your residential location can fit an LTL freight truck

No one knows the layout of your location better then you. When scheduling your pickup you will want to provide as much information as possible to the carrier or broker to ensure success. The driver will be arriving in a large truck. If they can’t get in, they will not wait. Here are some things…
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Selecting the right service level for a residential LTL pickup

There are different service levels that you can choose when looking to ship items from your home. Some are provided by LTL carriers and some require the involvement of moving companies. Here is a brief summary of your different options: Terminal Service A lot of folks don’t think of this one when considering shipping LTL…
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The 5 Most Important Tips About Residential LTL Pickups

Most LTL carriers in the market today offer Residential pickups for an additional charge. As part of this service they will come to your house or other residential location and pickup items that are packaged like a freight shipment. They will use a smaller truck and a lift gate to accommodate small spaces and the…
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What is a TMS for freight shipping?

Looking to organize your transportation? Then you probably need a good TMS (Transportation Management System). A TMS is used by shippers to manage shipments. It usually works in conjunction with the system you use to generate orders and the one that you use to manage and fulfill those orders or keep your inventory. Smiling warehouse…
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What to consider when requesting an LTL freight quote?

Type of LTL carrier Not all LTL freight carriers are the same. Often we see shippers get frustrated with a carrier when the reality is the carrier is performing as expected. With a good understanding of the types of carriers out there you can ensure you select the right carrier for the shipment at hand.…
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