Selecting the right service level for a residential LTL pickup

There are different service levels that you can choose when looking to ship items from your home. Some are provided by LTL carriers and some require the involvement of moving companies.

Here is a brief summary of your different options:

Terminal Service

A lot of folks don’t think of this one when considering shipping LTL freight but you do always have the option to drop off or pickup your shipment at the carriers dock. This will save you money on the residential and lift gate charge. Also, you will be able to choose the time you ship your items rather then waiting around for a driver to show up.

Curbside Service

A curbside pickup is the most common form of residential LTL shipping. This is where your shipment is delivered or picked up outside at the end of the driveway, at the curb or in the parking lot of your complex. The driver will pull up, lower their lift gate and move the shipment with their pallet jack into the truck.

Inside Service

A shipment with inside service involves hiring a moving company to pack up or unpack your items inside your home. On a delivery to you the LTL carrier will deliver to the moving company, who will make the final delivery inside of your home. On pickup from you the moving company will take your items to their warehouse and palletize them for you. Then the LTL company will pickup the shipment from their warehouse.

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