LTL Shipping: Limited Access Service for Secure Facilities

Secure facility service is a type of limited access service offered by LTL carriers. This service option applies when the facility you are picking up requires special security measures or credentials to access the facility. This article will discuss the main factors of this service from a carrier perspective.

In this article we will answer these questions:

What is secure facility service?
What are examples of facilities where this would apply?
What do I need to know about working with one of these facilities?
How much does this service cost?


What is secure facility service?
Secured facility service is purchased when the facility you are picking up from or delivering to requires special security measures from the carrier. This could entail special credentials, training or clothing.

Carriers charge for this service because shipments involving these facilities tend to take longer to enter and exit the facility. In addition, drivers must meet the requirements of the facility.

What are examples of facilites where this service would apply?
Here are some examples that commonly require this service:

Military Facility
Correctional Facility
Government Facility
Marine Terminals
Mines / Queries
Nuclear Power Plants
What do I need to know about working with one of these facilities?
There requirements are typically non-negotiable and the people manning the gate take them very seriously. Before booking a shipment that will send a carrier into one of these facilities you must be crystal clear as to what their requirements are. Any documentation, reference numbers, etc should be checked and provided at the dispatch.

How much does this service?
Typically, the charge for limited access is between $50.00 and $100.00.


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