Frequently Asked Questions

How are BAM Freight and Globaltranz related?

Globaltranz is one of the largest freight brokers in the United States. BAM Freight is an agent for Globaltranz.

What does BAM Freight do and what does Globaltranz do?

BAM Freight provides sales and customer service for shippers. BAM Freight sets up and dispatches carriers. Globaltranz provides the platform that supports each transaction. This includes the technology, licenses, carrier management and financial services.

What credentials are needed to be a freight broker?

  • A DOT number
  • An MC number
  • A SCAC code
  • A $75,000 Surety Bond

Where will my invoice come from?

Typically your invoice will come from Globaltranz. In some cases it might come directly from BAM Freight as an agent of Globaltranz.

Do you have a web portal?

Yes we have the best web portal for freight shippers available today. It is called Carrierrate 2.0. With this system you can get quotes, book shipments, print bills of lading, pay online and much more!!

How many carriers are in the system?

We currently have over 100 LTL carriers in the system. This made up of national carriers, regional carriers, asset light carriers, consolidators and pallet carriers. Carriers will be displayed based on price (low to high) with options to sort based on transit time, performance and liability. We also have thousands of truckload carriers.

What if I want to talk directly to a carrier?

No problem! You will have full access to the carrier. The contact information for both the origin and destination terminal are displayed on the quote screen, booking screen, bol screen and on the bill of lading itself.

Will the system produce a bill of lading?

Yes! After booking a shipment, the system will generate a bill of lading. It will also generate packing labels. Both bills of lading and labels can be printed or emailed from within the system.

How much does the system cost?

Carrierrate 2.0 is completely free.

Who will the carrier invoice?

The carrier will invoice us and then we will invoice you.

Can I use the system to access my own carrier rates?

Yes! If you currently have carrier tariffs in place we can upload those into the system. Our rates with those carriers will be blocked. When quoting you will see your carrier rates along with our rates for other carriers competing for that lane. If a load is booked with your carrier rate, the carrier will invoice you directly as they do today.

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