Extra Services


Residential pickups and deliveries are shipments that are picking up in an area comprised primarily of individual houses. Whether you are shipping household goods or items from a home based business, our residential service will come in handy.

Lift Gate

A lift gate is basically an elevator on the back of a truck. Lift gates are used when the shipping point does not have a loading dock and/or a forklift to get the freight on the truck.


Tarping is a service offered by platform carriers (flatbeds, stepdecks, low boys, etc) where they will cover freight with large tarps to protect from the elements. These tarps are much different then your normal backyard blue tarp.


Lumper is a service some facilities require a carrier to pay for to have a trailer unloaded. It is important for this to be noted up front to ensure the carrier is prepared to pay.


Non-commercial service is necessary when you are picking up from a location that is not a standard commercial warehouse. This can include residentces, apartments, retail shopping centers, farms, office buildings, etc.

Notify Prior to Arrival

Notify prior to arrival is a service offered primarily by LTL carriers. It is when they will give a courtesy call the day prior to delivery letting the consignee know they are coming.

Inside Delivery

Inside delivery is a service primarily used in LTL shipping. With inside delivery service the driver will enter the dwelling or facility to retrieve / deliver the freight. Not all carriers offer this service so make sure to specify if you need it.

Extreme Length

Extreme length is a service offered primarily by LTL carriers to accommodate individual units longer than 12’. Examples would be pipe or machinery on long pallets.

Limited Access

Limited access service is used when you are shipping from or to a location that doesn’t have enough room to accommodate a full 53’ trailer and/or access is requires security clearance like a military base or marine terminal.


Appointment deliveries are used in both LTL and Truckload shipping. This service is needed when the carrier needs to call the consignee to schedule a delivery appointment.

Sort & Segregate

Sort and segregate is service offered by carriers where the driver will arrange the freight to the consignees specifications upon delivery.

Protect from Freeze

Protect from freeze is a service that many carriers offer during winter months to keep temperature sensitive cargo from freezing.

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