Does your broker post and pray?

How do you know if you have a quality freight broker or not? Many brokers depend on internet load boards to cover your shipments. Often when they accept a load from you they have no idea how they are going to cover it. Their primary tactic is to put it out for bid and hope someone is interested. While this can be effective it does have it’s risks. Our hope is this article will help you be a better shipper.

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What is a load board?
A load board is an internet auction site where freight brokers post their loads out for auction and trucking companies bid on those loads. There are a lot of them but the largest are Internet Truckstop and DAT.

The problem with load boards.
Many smaller freight brokers rely in internet load boards because they don’t have the volume to develop ongoing relationships with the same carriers. This means when you give them a load they are hoping there will be a carrier around to pickup your load. Chances are your broker doesn’t know much about the carrier other then what is listed in the FMCSA website. With no experience to reference the broker has no idea how they will handle your shipment. Likewise, without a steady relationship, the carrier has less incentive to perform to the brokers expectations.

How do select a good freight broker?
Load boards are a valuable resource in the transportation industry but should be used to supplement a good carrier relationship strategy. When selecting a broker to cover your shipments you should make sure that they have the right authority, insurance, reputation and carrier relationships to deliver your freight onitme and on budget.

At BAM Freight we take care of your shipments. As a Globaltranz Agent we leverage our proprietary system and in house truckload brokers. Each broker agent specializes in a specific type of equipment and market. Our broker agents rely on outbound calls and existing carrier relationships to cover loads. This means better coverage and service for your shipments.

Don’t post and pray, partner with BAM Freight.

Dave Stevens

Dave Stevens

Transportation Executive with experience in developing processes and controls for early stage start up companies. Specialties include: Sales, Marketing, Transportation, Trucking, Brokerage, Project Transport and Rail Operations.,Organizational Design, Process Development, Accounts Receivable Management, Leadership, and Business Start-ups.

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