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What is LTL Freight Shipping?

LTL Shipping or less-than-truckload shipping is a type of freight transportation used by shippers to move cargo when they do not have enough to fill up a whole truck. This is the most common form of trucking in the U.S. Most LTL shipments move on the nations vast common carrier network. In this article we…
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LTL Shipping: Limited Access Service for Tight Spaces

One of the instances where a carrier may charge a limited access fee is when they must pickup or deliver from a tight space. In this article we cover the different things you should consider when purchasing your limited access service. In this article we will answer these questions: What is limited access service for…
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LTL Shipping: Limited Access Service for Secure Facilities

Secure facility service is a type of limited access service offered by LTL carriers. This service option applies when the facility you are picking up requires special security measures or credentials to access the facility. This article will discuss the main factors of this service from a carrier perspective. In this article we will answer…
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The Hub-and-Spoke Route System for LTL Freight

LTL Shippers often ask how does their cargo move and what is the transit time. LTL shipping usually takes longer then truckload freight shipping because it utilizes the hub-and-spoke system. This way to move cargo takes more time but results in a greater service area and better pricing. There are two primary ways to route…
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All About Scheduling Your Residential LTL Pickup

So you have something to ship from your home or residential business that is too big for a parcel and too small for a big truck. LTL freight shipping is a great solution for this. There are a few things you’ll want to know about scheduling your pickup with the LTL carrier. One very important…
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