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Who We Are

BAM Freight is a freight broker agent helping shippers solve the shipping problems. Our primary focus is to provide individuals and businesses with information to make them smarter freight shippers. We do this this through our online blog, proprietary content and personal consultation. As an agent for some of the best shipping companies in the country we can provide our clients with competitive rates on all types of domestic and international freight shipping.

Our Mission

Having been on both the customer and provider side of the shipping transaction we know how complicated freight shipping can be, especially for small businesses. We recognized that freight shipping could make or break a deal. So we made it our mission to help small businesses turn their freight shipping into a competitive advantage.

What makes us better?

Single point of contact to multiple specialized freight brokers.

Multiple service level options to choose from.

Solutions with all modes: land, air and sea.

Where do we work?

All lower 48 states and Alaska

Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands

Canada and Mexico

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