6 common services that result in accessorial charges on LTL freight quotes.

Not all facilities are the same in the shipping business. Most LTL carriers offer these services at an extra charge. Here is a list of the most common ones.

Limited Access

This service is for the use of locations tight on space that require a small truck to get into a shipper or consignee that can not fit a large 53′ trailer. Examples might be a storage unit or downtown city location. It is also applied when the shipper has limited access for securityreasons like a marine terminal, airport or military base.


This service is for times when the shipper or consignee is located in an area not a commercial area. Examples would be neighborhoods, apartment complexes or mobile home parks. These locations can be difficult to navigate, be located away from normal commercial routes and require more driver assistance.

Lift Gate

This service is when the shipper or consignee does not have a loading dock and needs a truck equipped with a lift gate (freight elevator on back of truck).

Notify Prior to Arrival

This service is applied when the consignee requires a call ahead or appointment to be scheduled prior to delivery.

Sort & Segregate

This service is applied when the consignee needs the driver to break down the product and sort it based on product type or PO.

Non-Business Hour Delivery

This service is applied when the consignee requires delivery outside of the standard business hours of 8 am and 5 pm. Carriers may make special exceptions or have deals worked out with a consignee that always requires this service.

If you are booking a shipment and any of these services are required, make sure to let your provider know at the time of booking. Chances are they will come with an additional charge. If you are getting multiple rate quotes you will want to ensure each provider is made aware so you are comparing “apples to apples.”

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