5 Tips for labeling your freight

LTL carriers require that all of your freight is labeled. This is to protect you and them from loss of cargo. Here are some tips for labeling your shipments:

Ensure each label has the name and address of the shipper and consignee.
Put sales order or other important numbers on the labels.
Make sure labels are placed on all visible sides and top of the pallet.
Use a uniform format or label software program to ensure uniformity.
Make sure the labels are legible and match the bill of lading exactly.

Need labels? When you use Carrierrate.com to schedule your LTL shipments the system makes labels for you. The information for the labels comes right from the bill of lading, ensuring accuracy. Labels can be emailed and printed with your bol. Labels can be printed in different printer formats and size as well.

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Dave Stevens

Dave Stevens

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